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Contact Lenses

Our doctors have a proud history of fitting their patients with the highest quality general and specialty contact lenses. In the last few years, the contact lens industry has made significant advances in contact lens materials and designs to accommodate almost any condition. These fantastic technological benefits that science provides these days, ensure even better and safer visual eye health benefits. Our doctors take into consideration your lifestyle, motivation, refractive error, and ocular health to recommend the best type of contact for your eye. Experience and research has shown that the most important factors in contact lens success can be attributed to the specialized examination, lens design, instruction and long term and regular follow-up care that our qualified, registered and experienced contact lens practitioners provide.


Our inventory includes selections from top designers. We accept eyeglass prescriptions from all professional eye care providers. Feel free to stop in and see our selection and the latest frame releases from leading manufacturers.

Today's Solutions

Progressive lenses offer a more effective solution. They provide clean, continuous vision at all distances - up close, mid-range and far away - so wearer's not only see better, they look better. Progressives are more convenient - unlike reading glasses, they can be left on for all your daily activities.